The word ‘Hero’ is often overused and misunderstood. Heroes are often ordinary people who do extraordinary things. Here is news for you …… Superman, Ironman, Batman and even Spider-Man are not real!! Sorry to disappoint!

Today, the first day of school for 2024, we welcome back three young men. Three ordinary guys who did remarkable extraordinary things.

One of the Carmel School values is courage. The courage to stand up for what you believe in even if that makes you unpopular. That is what Australia has done for generations especially with our Allies in war. That is what Israel as done for decades and particularly in the last three months. Stand up for what is right even if it makes us unpopular. Carmel students, that is your job as young Jewish Australians. Stand up for what is right even if it makes you unpopular.

And that is what our Tzevet boys, Hod, Ariel and Akiva did when they answered the call and risked everything to return to Israel when called upon to serve their country and ‘Baruch HaShem’ have returned to us safely’.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those that are still fighting a war that we must win for the sake of humanity and the free world.

Our thoughts and tefillot are with the remaining hostages.


Four Tzevet members, Yael, Ariel R, Annaelle and Tzofia and our awesome Shlichim, Shira and Shivi who stayed here to educate the Perth Jewish community and the three, Hod, Ariel A and Akiva who returned to defend us. That is our superhero team.

So today, with great gratitude to HaShem for what I consider a true miracle, we give a massive welcome back to HOD, AKIVA AND ARIEL.

Simon Lawrence

Director of Jewish Life, Carmel School