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The Entrepreneurship program at Carmel spans two academic years. In Year 9, the program is imbedded within the Humanities and Social Sciences curriculum and students are fully immersed in the dynamic realm of entrepreneurship and business startups. Over a span of six weeks, they embark on an intensive journey to develop their entrepreneurial abilities. This comprehensive program grounds their business understanding, fosters innovation and takes students through the development of a business concept all the way to the development of a tangible prototype.  

At the program’s culmination for Year 9, students present their product ideas to a panel of experienced judges. This not only fosters their growth as budding entrepreneurs but also cultivates their proficiency in public speaking. This hands-on, practical course has been meticulously crafted to instil a deep understanding of transforming an idea into a viable business venture. 

Upon entering Year 10, students take their engagement in the Entrepreneurship Program to a higher level, embarking on developing their business from the previous year or starting a brand-new venture. We collaborate closely with the Carmel business community, ensuring that students benefit from mentorship both internally and externallyAdditionally, guest speakers from the business community contribute to the wealth of connections students establish during the program, enriching their educational experience. 

The Year 10 Entrepreneurship program reaches its pinnacle with a market stall day, offering students the opportunity to gauge the market for their business ideas and put them to the test. Throughout the year, students cultivate resilience, embrace risk-taking, develop strong time management skills, and gain firsthand insights into the challenges and opportunities the entrepreneurial world has to offer. 

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